Baby Swim lessons in Essex with STA Qualified Instructors

Introduce your baby to something new with our baby swimming classes in association with Diverse Scuba in Bulphan, Essex.

Our baby swimming classes introduce babies to the water from 6 weeks old where we encourage free swimming and floating which in turn promotes water confidence.

Our unique methods will allow your baby to feel at ease swimming both above and below the water's surface and they will enjoy the sensation of floating in such a warm, calm atmosphere. By teaching various safety techniques and holds, the emphasis is on water safety.

  • Step by step programme
  • Age 6 weeks - 4 years
  • Friendly learning atmosphere
  • Emphasis on Water Safety & FUN!

Water safety is a common worry for many parents and a fear of water can be very limiting. Introducing babies to water at an early stage is the first step in avoiding such a fear and making swimming and water play an enjoyable experience.

Parents play an active role in the pool sessions and taking a baby swimming from an early age provides an excellent opportunity for relaxation and parent child bonding.

If you wish to experience the best way to teach your baby to swim we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to book a course or pop in for a cup of tea and a chat to find out more.


Lessons are available 4 days a week

To BOOK your course call us on 01375 892444

or email us at

Find us at

Ye Olde Plough House Motel, Brentwood Road (A128), Bulphan, Essex. RM14 3SR


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